Why we're here

To create classic occasions that not only meet the needs and standards of our clients but also exceed expectations by providing outstanding service and careful attention to detail. We bring the magic of your vision to life through thoughtful preparation and design. All of our events are carefully composed from start to finish, leaving nothing to wonder. We will brigthen whatever space you choose. Whether you are looking for an elegant sit down black tie event, an eclectic cultural buffet, or even a casual barbeque, we strive to take your breath away.


How we do it

To maintain and nurture relationships in our fast-paced industry that enable us to grow through hard work, networking and referrals. We build our business based on these relationships we establish with wedding planners, non-profit organizations, and commercial businesses. We thrive on a personal approach to each event we foster. Our excellence shines through simple, reliable, and delectable food.


What matters most

 Creating events which meet our client's needs and achieve each unique vision. The affair may only last four hours but should remain bright long after the lights go out. Our clients feel comfortable and at ease speaking to us about their vision. Through a personalized approach and custom made menus, we rely on your impressions to develop relationships that generate into referral and/or repeat service. Firefly Events and Catering aim to leave a sparkling imprint on your memory